Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. MCabber won't connect. It says jab_start: SSL negotiation failed: self signed certificate.
    Use 'ssl_verify = 0' in the configuration file, or set the certificates options correctly.
    With mcabber >= 0.10 the option name is 'ssl_ignore_checks'.
  2. How do I connect to my Google Talk account?
    With mcabber >= 0.10, setting the 'jid' variable should work.
    With mcabber 0.9, it should work with the following options:
    set username =
    set server =
    set ssl = 1
    set ssl_verify = 0
  3. I want to bind a key, how do I know the code number?
    If the key is available, the key code will be displayed in the log window when you hit that key.
  4. How do I create a group?
    Use /move, if the target group doesn't exist it will be created.
  5. How can I set a transparent background?
    Set color_background = default.
  6. How do I use PGP encryption?
    Please see the OpenPGP page.
  7. How do I use OTR encryption?
    Someone wrote a small HowTo.
  8. How to retrieve mcabber source using Mercurial?
    See Building mcabber from Mercurial.
  9. How comes the cursor is not at the end of line (EOL) when I use the Up and Down arrows?
    By default these keys are bound to iline hist_beginning_search_bwd/hist_beginning_search_fwd, which is very useful once you get used to it. Of course you can rebind the keys (259, 258) to hist_prev/hist_next if you don't like this behaviour...
  10. Can I get rid of this timeout after hitting Escape?
    You can decrease the timeout value by setting the (Ncurses) environment variable ESCDELAY (for example export ESCDELAY=25; mcabber). With mcabber > 0.9.5 there is an "escdelay" option.
  11. How can I prevent mcabber from scrolling when I receive a message?
    See /buffer scroll_lock and scroll_unlock. You can bind a key to buffer scroll_toggle too.
  12. Can I use a transport with mcabber?
    You cannot register with mcabber. However, once you're registered, you can log into and out of transports by sending presence to them (see /status_to).
  13. MCabber says "WARNING: Bad permissions"! What are "good" permissions for mcabber?
    MCabber expects its directory to be 700 (rwx------) and your configuration file should be 600 (rw-------) to ensure that nobody else can read it.
  14. Fifo does not work in version >= 0.10.2! (also url regex)
    In 0.10.2 fifo and url regex were put into a separate from mcabber modules. Module can be loaded with command /module load fifo (or url_regex respectively). This command can also be put into your mcabberrc to load them automatically at startup. Note, however, that you must set parameters for the module before loading it.
  15. I have a feature request!
    Come and tell us in the mcabber MUC room.
  16. I want to make a donation...
    Really? Get my email/jid from the sources and contact me! ;-)
    There's also a PayPal button on MCabber's homepage.