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MCabber is a console-based Jabber client, released under the GNU GPL.

Translations: DE_Main_Page (German), FR_Main_Page (French), RU_Main_Page (Russian), UK_Main_Page (Ukrainian).


  • mcabber is a text Jabber client including features such as SSL/TLS/SASL support, history logging, commands completion, external actions triggers and dynamic modules. It also has PGP, OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) and Aspell/Enchant support.
  • mcabber is reported to run on the following platforms: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X and Cygwin.
  • The following Jabber specifications are supported (in the development version):
XEP-0012 - Last Activity
XEP-0022 - Message Events
XEP-0027 - Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage
XEP-0030 - Service Discovery (partial)
XEP-0045 - Multi-User Chat
XEP-0048 - Bookmark Storage
XEP-0049 - Private XML Storage
XEP-0054 - vcard-temp (retrieval only)
XEP-0085 - Chat State Notifications
XEP-0086 - Error Condition Mappings
XEP-0090 - Entity Time
XEP-0091 - Delayed Delivery
XEP-0092 - Software Version
XEP-0115 - Entity Capabilities
XEP-0145 - Annotations
XEP-0146 - Remote Controlling Clients (partial)
XEP-0184 - Message Delivery Receipts
XEP-0199 - XMPP Ping (answering only)
XEP-0202 - Entity Time
XEP-0203 - Delayed Delivery
XEP-0249 - Direct MUC Invitations (partial)
XEP-0280 - Message Carbons

Getting started

Have a look at the Getting started page for help on running mcabber for the first time.

You can read the small User Guide as well to get a quick overview.


MCabber >= 0.10.0 supports dynamic Modules (a.k.a. plugins).


See the Tips And Tricks page for some (maybe) useful advice. Don't forget to check the Frequently Asked Questions.


You can download mcabber tarballs from the main site.

Maybe there exist mcabber Packages for your operating system.


See the Community Portal for information on helping with the development of mcabber.