A short explanation on how to use Mercurial to keep up-to-date with the latest development version of mcabber. More info on Mercurial can be found on http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/.


First, clone the Mercurial reporitory:

% hg clone http://mcabber.com/hg/ mcabber-hg


Go into the mcabber directory, and build the configure script (you will need the autotools software installed):

% cd mcabber-hg/mcabber
% ./autogen.sh

Now you can use the configure script, as usual. You can use --enable-hgcset to add the Mercurial changeset to mcabber's version string.

% ./configure --enable-hgcset

If you want to install in your own home-directory instead of system-wide, append --prefix=$HOME:

% ./configure --enable-hgcset --prefix=$HOME


To compile the source code, run:

% make

And to install it (you will probably need to be root to do this if you are doing a system-wide installation):

% make install


If you want to update mcabber source code later, just pull from the repository, update and compile again:

% hg pull -u
% make
% make install