MCabber won't connect. It says jab_start: SSL negotiation failed: self signed certificate.
Use ssl_verify = 0 in the configuration file, or set the certificates options correctly. With mcabber >=0.10 the option name is ssl_ignore_checks.
How do I connect to my Google Talk account?
With mcabber >=0.10, setting the jid variable should work. With mcabber 0.9, it should work with the following options:
set username =
set server =
set ssl = 1
set ssl_verify = 0
I want to bind a key, how do I know the code number?
If the key is available, the key code will be displayed in the log window when you hit that key.
How do I create a group?
Use /move, if the target group doesn't exist it will be created.
How can I set a transparent background?
Seti color_background = default.
How do I use PGP encryption?
Please see the OpenPGP page.
How do I use OTR encryption?
Someone wrote a small HowTo.
How to retrieve mcabber source using Mercurial?
See Building mcabber from Mercurial.
How comes the cursor is not at the end of line (EOL) when I use the Up and Down arrows?
By default these keys are bound to iline hist_beginning_search_bwd/hist_beginning_search_fwd, which is very useful once you get used to it. Of course you can rebind the keys (259, 258) to iline hist_prev/hist_next if you don't like this behaviour...
Can I get rid of this timeout after hitting Escape?
You can decrease the timeout value by setting the (Ncurses) environment variable ESCDELAY (for example export ESCDELAY=25; mcabber). With mcabber > 0.9.5 there is an escdelay option.
How can I prevent mcabber from scrolling when I receive a message?
See /buffer scroll_lock and scroll_unlock. You can bind a key to buffer scroll_toggle too.
Can I use a transport with mcabber?
You cannot register with mcabber. However, once you're registered, you can log into and out of transports by sending presence to them (see /status_to).
MCabber says WARNING: Bad permissions! What are "good" permissions for mcabber?
MCabber expects its directory to be 700 (rwx------) and your configuration file should be 600 (rw-------) to ensure that nobody else can read it.
Fifo does not work in version >= 0.10.2! (also url regex)
In 0.10.2 fifo and url regex were put into a separate from mcabber modules. Module can be loaded with command /module load fifo (or url_regex respectively). This command can also be put into your mcabberrc to load them automatically at startup. Note, however, that you must set parameters for the module before loading it.
I have a feature request!
Come and tell us in the mcabber MUC room.
I want to make a donation...
Really? Get my email/jid from the sources and contact me! ;-) There's also a PayPal button on MCabber's homepage.